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Mental Health Services by County

St. Mary's County

Charles County

Calvert County

Resources Page

National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors

 Click on the following link NASMPHPD or the image above to open a list of websites for parents, health providers and others to use in finding help for children and families with all types mental health issues. 


By clickin g on the image below you should be able to open and or print several pdf pages to read about:
A Practical Guide for People with Mental Health Conditions Who Want to Work

 You could also click on the following link to visit the Temple University web site.


County Core Services Agencies, Click the image of the county you live in to find further information. The Charles County image will provide a downloadable PDF document that you can print out.


                                                                 ***************************************************************************** Clinical Neuropsychologist

James E. Lewis, Ph.D. Performs complete neuropsychological evaluations on children, teens and adults. Very helpful in diagnosing and figuring out treatment plans for people with symptoms of mental illness, traumatic brain injuries, stroke, etc. 
No physician referral needed. 

 Please Click the image above to get further information about Dr. Lewis


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 Southern Maryland Transportation Services Ride Guide
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Recovery Diaries

Stories & video diaries of Courage, Empowerment & Change of people living with mental health issues.







NAMI Southern Maryland does not provide referals or recommendations to mental health providers. We have only provided a list of what services may be available in the Tri-County area.

All of the services offered may not currently be available in your area.  NAMI Southern Maryland will do our best to find you the assistance you are looking for in another area.