Where is the Next NAMI Convention

If you are wondering where is the next Nami convention is? It will be in New Orleans from June 27th to the 30th 2018. The conference will take part in the Sheraton Hotel. It attracts thousands of mental health advocates and behavioral health providers from around the states.

Attend NAMI 2018

There are numerous reasons you should mark the date on your calendar as soon as today. It inspires and connects people who are affected by a mental illness

. It provides research, resources, recovery strategies, and support services. You can achieve many things by attending the conference including:

  •  Discovering how to lead effective health advocacy efforts
  •  Learn eye opening tools, research, treatment options as well as recovery paths directly from the professionals.
  •  Hear relatable stories giving you the golden opportunity to make personal connections that could have a powerful impact in your life.
  •  Access day to day support via legal services, health, and wellness activities and coping strategies.

The NAMI convention enables people to be part of a movement where they join action driven and diverse individuals with mental health conditions, relatives, friends, caregivers, researchers, clinicians, educators, policymakers, exhibitors, sponsors and the press.

Registration Process


It is not possible to attend the NAMI convention without registering first. Months before the event organizers schedule a preregistration session that goes on for a limited amount of time. It allows a person to get reduced rates for the entire conference as well as good hotel rates. After the initial sign-up, people still get a chance to register online.

What Does Registration Fee Cover

Registration costs cover expenses to attend all four days of the conference, access to exhibit halls and various workshops. Additionally, it also includes a banquet dinner that happens on the last day.

Cancellation Procedure

If a person registers to attend the convention and they are not able to attend, they must cancel registration in writing by sending an official email to the organization. Depending on the date you cancel the event, you may not get a refund, or you could be charged $50 for administrative costs. Worth noting is that substitutions are permitted which means that you can also send someone else on your behalf. Just present a written authorization, and you will be good to go.

Applying for Proposals and becoming an Exhibitor


Applications for people who want to submit workshop proposals will be available from November 2017. Be sure to beat deadlines because they do not open for too long. Keep in mind that material should reveal or discuss the latest research in regards to programs for recovery, medication, spirituality, family to family programs and best practices that the community should endeavor.


Interested exhibitors can visit NAMI’s official website to check out the Become an Exhibitor page to find out all the details they require.

Make Plans to Attend

People should look forward to attending the 2018 NAMI convention. A spirit of commitment, hopefulness, and equality is present at all the conferences because everyone in attendance has experienced in one way or another mental illness.

What Mental Health Services are Available for Depression

Depression is a pervasive illness in society. In the last decade, people have begun to realize that it is not a moral failing. It is upsetting though that it took society so long to stop hiding depression like a dirty little secret.

depressed girlIn fact, there are so many worse mental illnesses than depression. Schizophrenia is an example of a mental illness that is much harder to treat. However, each of these mental illnesses presents unique challenges. Not treating depression for a prolonged period, a person’s body can ache. That is why mental health services are so important in the recovery from depression. Usually, depression lasts a lifetime, so it is an ongoing treatment that is needed.


The most common mental health services available for depression are psychiatrists. Each patient with depression should be assigned a personal doctor. A psychiatrist can prescribe medicine for a chemical imbalance.

General Practitioner Doctors

general practitioner

However, general practitioners are good enough to get the ball rolling in uncomplicated depression. That is depression that does not come with other mental illnesses or as a result of bipolar disorder. There is one exception to this, and it is psychotic depression. This type of depression is very complicated. If a person is suffering from hallucinations or delusions, then other care is needed to begin the healing process.

Emergency Rooms

Those with a complicated depression are usually admitted to the ER of the hospital. Depression can be an emergency when psychosis is also present, or the patient is suicidal. No one wants to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks to a couple of months. But if the person is out of touch with reality or simply a danger to oneself, then the person needs to be in acute care. During this time, nurses will monitor the patient and the patient will see a psychiatrist once a day.

Social Workers

Social Worker

While in the hospital, or even as an outpatient, social workers are always available to the patient. A social worker can help with the practical details of healing. The medication may be free in a state hospital, but it will cost money outside of this environment. And in private hospitals, bills will start to pile up. This can be an emergency financial crisis for those who are not insured. So it is essential that social workers work with the client right away.


Sometimes a person in the hospital or out in the world can be very down. They might not have a good social support system or feel like they can talk about their medical problems with friends. For this reason, a person with depression can also gain access to a psychologist. Psychologists are expensive, but they can help to aid the person to sort out unhelpful thoughts. In the hospital, patients often have access to the psychiatrist on duty.

Support Groups

support group

Many nonprofit agencies have support groups for people with depression. People might find these meetings helpful to attend just to get out of the house.

Find the Right Option

There are many options today for the individual with mental challenges. It can improve one’s state of being having the right care during an episode or a lifetime dealing with depression. Accessing these supports can be a matter of life or death.